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Medical Professionals

Safe. Comfortable. Inclusive. The three characteristics every Brewer exam table is built on. Because we believe the exam table – the center of the exam room – is so important to the patient experience. That’s why you will find exclusive safety features that come standard on our tables,  class-leading weight capacities, high-quality upholstery and a welcoming look and feel designed to put your patients at ease.

Industry's Longest Warranties

Every exam table we offer carries at least a 3 year warranty - fixed height hold a 5 year warranty and power high-low exam tables offer 3.

Leading the Way

We were the first to introduce pass-through storage drawers, large steps, low wheelchair accessible heights, and higher weight capacities.

Proudly Made in the USA

All our exam tables are made in our Wisconsin headquarters. And the vast majority of parts are sourced from the Midwest, USA.

Problem Solved: Overcoming Small Spaces with Brewer's added storage capacity

Learn how one East Coast clinic was able to overcome small examination rooms with limited storage area by choosing Brewer’s Access power exam table and its massive 5.9 cubic-feet of storage space.

Make the most of your practice.

You will find our solutions for your clinic space offer more value at a comparative or lower price than the competition. We offer quality solutions to equip your exam room, including fixed-height and power exam tables, procedure tables, medical seating, medical carts, lights and additional support items.

From exclusive safety advances for confident transfers to more standard features for the money, Brewer helps you meet the challenges of today’s healthcare reality. Whether you seek more storage space, unmatched ergonomic patient access, a highly configurable and versatile examination table or just want a simple, traditional exam table at a great price, Brewer has you covered. Plus, our industry-leading warranties offer peace of mind for years to come.

Our Exam Table Families

Access™ High-Low Power Exam Tables

Unique Access™ High-Low advantages minimize total cost of ownership and the likelihood of costly “Never Events.”
  • Unmatched 5.9-cubic feet of storage space – up to 2 times more than competitive models.
  • Industry-leading 700-pound patient weight capacity available.
  • Safe transfers with an ADA-compliant 18” seat height in a full upright, seated position.
  • Available in standard seamless upholstery or dual-toned plush upholstery (shown).

Access™ FLEX Power Exam Tables

Unique Access™ FLEX advantages minimize total cost of ownership and the likelihood of costly “Never Events.”
  • Unmatched ergonomic patient access.
  • Industry leading 700-pound weight capacity.
  • Easy, safe and more independent patient movement.
  • Multiple options to suit your practice.

Access™ Exam Tables

Reduce the risk of profit-robbing patient and staff injuries with the Access™ Exam Table.
  • 500-pound weight capacity.
  • Stable 4-leg step; largest step surface in its class.
  • An unmatched 6.3-cubic feet of storage – the most in the market today.

Assist™ Power Procedure Tables

Increase revenue while improving patient satisfaction by conveniently accommodating more high-value procedures on-site with the Assist Procedure Table.
  • A broad range of procedures & positions, including supine, left lateral plane, lithotomy, proctology and Trendelenburg.
  • 450-pound weight capacity.
  • Variable positioning handles a wide range of procedures.
  • Maximize throughput by having accessories and one-touch programming.
  • ADA-compliant for multiple patient populations.

Read our Clinical Educational Guide

Our Make More Informed Decisions Clinical Educational Guide is designed to give you the info you need to benefit your patients and practice.