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Since 1996, we have designed custom therapeutic support surfaces, seating, and assembly solutions for manufacturers in the healthcare, marine, optical and dental industries, and more. Are you looking for a new supply chain partner or are bringing your concept to fruition? Brewer Design’s responsive and collaborative team is here to help you throughout the process. Our expertise in upholstery, soft goods, support systems and the intrinsic manufacturing processes that make it possible is available to you every step of the way. Our passion for quality in design, manufacturing and service will exceed expectations and ensure you receive your component on time and within budget.

We help manufacturers in these industries and more...

Why Choose Brewer Design?

You will find Brewer Design upholstered components in some of the most recognized medical products, dental seating, marine applications, and spa seating in the market. Our unique expertise designing and manufacturing custom upholstery parts makes us exceptionally equipped to help you with your upholstered and soft goods needs. That is why many of the largest names in healthcare manufacturing trust Brewer Design for their state-of-the art therapeutic support surfaces, custom seating, and assembly solutions.

Unique Solutions

We offer solutions tailored to you. Need logistical support like drop shipments, warehousing, or on demand production? Need guidance with design, materials, or regulatory requirements? We strive to innovate and meet the needs of our customers. We take the stress and anxiety out of the job by being proactive and collaborative throughout the process. By collaborating with you, we understand your needs and can deliver the right component for your needs, while saving product development time and minimizing your costs.

Expert Knowledge

Do you have technical questions or need help designing your product? We have helped numerous Fortune 500 companies solve their upholstery challenges. We have extensive expertise in engineering, product testing, ergonomic design, rapid prototyping, and turn-key manufacturing to ensure you receive your product with quick, cost-effective turnaround times.

Consistent Quality & Delivery

Our ISO 13485:2016 certified processes ensure that from design to procurement and production to packaging and shipping, every step of the way is verified and recorded for complete traceability and consistent quality from shipment to shipment.

The Strongest Link In Your Supply Chain

We value your business and we are always focused on being your strongest supply chain partner. That means consistent high-quality products delivered on time to your exact specifications.

Tell us how we can help you with your upholstered component or soft good.

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