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Brewer’s Storage Capacity Rescues Clinic with Small Exam Spaces

A Massachusetts clinic was in the process of relocating to a beautiful, newly renovated facility when a concern came up.

The clinical manager expressed frustration with the shortage of storage in their small exam rooms. Every square foot of space is so valuable  when exams rooms keep getting smaller and smaller. So, storage capacity is often a huge issue. 

The facility was originally supposed to receive another exam table brand, but Brewer’s Access® High-Low Exam Tables offered substantially more storage than the competition’s units that were initially specified. 

When Brewer’s solutions advisor in the New England area reached out to the clinical manager to see if she might be interested in looking at an option that would provide more storage capacity, the clinical manager jumped at the chance. 

The Brewer advisor offered an Access power table for her to see for herself and evaluate. That visit helped confirm that Brewer clearly was a better option for the clinic’s needs. 

It was early enough in the process that the clinical manager could talk about it with the nurse manager and get the go ahead from the system’s purchasing department to change the spec. 

In the end, the system purchased 37 Access power exam tables, along with their incredible 5.9-cubic feet of storage, for their renovated clinic.

Nobody comes close to offering the storage capacity that Brewer does. With the two generous pass-through drawers, it’s like getting an extra storage closet in the same footprint. Or in this case, 37 additional storage closets throughout the enterprise.

Storage - Standard Brewer Access Other Brand
Total Storage (cu-ft)
Side Drawers (cu-ft)
Paper Roll Storage
6 rolls
Front Drawer (cu-ft)

Explore the advantages of Access Power Exam Tables

From storage space to weight capacity and beyond – the Access power exam table is the ultimate choice for any medical clinic or health system.