Medical Color Charts

Standard Upholstery Color Selections

For Brewer Tables, Side Chairs, Blood Draw Chairs and Exam Stools

* Denotes Color Available In Vacuum Form Material

PR 57 PR 92, *DAV 016PR 37PR 40PR 52PR 47
Clamshell* GunmetalFeatherBlack SatinSaddleTapestry Red
(-21) PR 57(-22) PR 92(-23) PR 37(-24) PR 40(-25) PR 52(-26) PR 47
PR 39PR 51PR 49PR 53PR 55PR 46
CabernetCocoaDeep SeaIvyDeep SapphireBlue Fog
(-27) PR 36(-28) PR 51(-29) PR 49(-30) PR 53(-31) PR 55(-32) PR 46

New Standard Table Colors are effective as of January 5, 2015.
Please view our transition chart to see how these colors compare to previous standard colors.

For Medical & Dental Stools – Additional Standard Upholstery Colors

These colors are also available on Tables, Side Chairs and Blood Draw Chairs for an additional charge.

 * Denotes Color Available In Vacuum Form Material

 US 396 US 384US 413

US 425
 US 392 SF 73
 * Alabaster  Sand * Dove *Ash Greystone * GunmetalGraphite
 US 396  US 384 US 413 DUR 002 US 425 US 392  SF 73
 HAM 114  US 403 LV 017   NEO 62
 Black *Taupe Putty Mushroom Clamshell Bone   Port
 HAM 114 DUR009 US 403 LV 017 PR 57 DUR012 NEO 62
 US 357, *AVS 2083 AM 45 CG 3767 NEO 40 RU 840 US 393
* Claret  Mauve Black Plum Purple Grey Emerald Buckskin * Black
US 357  AM 45 CG 3767 DAV009NEO 40 RU 840 US 393
    LV 003 SR 106 US 364 CG 3550
Atlantis *Wedgewood Blue Fog Agate Blue Azure Blue Burgundy Seafoam
 DUR 031DAV002 PR46 LV003 SR 106 US 364  CG 3550
 NEO 26 LV 001    HAM 105
* Slate BlueTeal*RoyalAdriatic* Sage 
NEO 26 LV 001DUR005US354DUR026 HAM 105

California Technical Bulletin 133 Upholstery Color Selections (CAL-133)

For Brewer Tables, Century Series Stools and Value Plus Series Pneumatic Stools

Slate BlueAlmondNearly Black
PH 50PH 59PH 64

CALTB 133 is a written legal standard outlining flammability test procedures for upholstered furniture. These vinyl color selections contain a flame blocking barrier that helps to prevent ignition, reflects heat and is flame retardant.

Premium Plush Ultraleather™ Upholstery Color Selections

For Brewer Assist Procedure Tables, Access High-Low Exam Tables, Side Chairs and Century Series Stools

Arctic CharcoalShetlandStoneAdmiral
(-50) UL 5684(-51) UL 5763(-52) UL 4351(-53) UL 3602(-55) UL 2556
Tables featuring a plush upholstery top are two-toned, stitched, with Arctic and one of the five premium plush upholstery colors. Exam stools and side chairs are one solid color. (-UL)

This information is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Colors may vary slightly depending on monitor settings. To request 3×3 swatches for specific colors, please call 800-558-8934.