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Medical Color Charts

Standard Upholstery Color Selections

For Brewer Tables, Side Chairs, Blood Draw Chairs and Exam Stools

* Denotes Color Available In Vacuum Form Material

medical upholstery color swatch - clamshell medical upholstery color swatch - gunmetalmedical upholstery color swatch - feathermedical upholstery color swatch - black satinmedical upholstery color swatch - saddlemedical upholstery color swatch - tapestry red
Clamshell* GunmetalFeatherBlack SatinSaddleTapestry Red
(-21) PR 57(-22) PR 92(-23) PR 37(-24) PR 40(-25) PR 52(-26) PR 47
medical upholstery color swatch - cabernetmedical upholstery color swatch - cocoamedical upholstery color swatch - deep seamedical upholstery color swatch - ivymedical upholstery color swatch - deep sapphiremedical upholstery color swatch - blue fog
CabernetCocoaDeep SeaIvyDeep SapphireBlue Fog
(-27) PR 36(-28) PR 51(-29) PR 49(-30) PR 53(-31) PR 55(-32) PR 46

New Standard Table Colors are effective as of January 5, 2015.
Please view our transition chart to see how these colors compare to previous standard colors.

For Medical & Dental Stools – Additional Standard Upholstery Colors

These colors are also available on Tables, Side Chairs and Blood Draw Chairs for an additional charge.

* Denotes Color Available In Vacuum Form Material

** Denotes Color Only Available in Vacuum Form Material

 US 396 US 384US 413US 425 US 392 SF 73
 * Alabaster  Sand * Dove *Ash Greystone * GunmetalGraphite
 US 396  US 384 US 413 DUR 002 US 425 US 392  SF 73
 HAM 114US 403LV 017NEO 62 
 Black PuttyMushroomClamshellBonePort   
 HAM 114US 403 LV 017 PR 57DUR012 NEO 62 
 US 357, *AVS 2083 AM 45 CG 3767 RU 840US 393 
* Claret  Mauve Black Plum Purple Grey** Buckskin * Black 
US 357  AM 45 CG 3767 DAV009 RU 840 US 393 
    LV 003 SR 106 US 364 CG 3550
Atlantis Wedgewood ** Blue Fog Agate Blue Azure Blue Burgundy Seafoam
 DUR 031DAV002 PR46 LV003 SR 106 US 364  CG 3550
 NEO 26 LV 001     
* Slate BlueTealCobalt ***RoyalAdriatic  
NEO 26 LV 001DAV001US354DUR026  

Premium Plush Ultraleather™ Upholstery Color Selections

For Brewer Assist Procedure Tables, Access High-Low Exam Tables, Side Chairs and Century Series Stools

Arctic CharcoalShetlandStoneAdmiral 
(-50) UL 5684(-51) UL 5763(-52) UL 4351(-53) UL 3602(-55) UL 2556 
Tables featuring a plush upholstery top are two-toned, stitched, with Arctic and one of the five premium plush upholstery colors. Exam stools and side chairs are one solid color. (-UL)

This information is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Colors may vary slightly depending on monitor settings.

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