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Early Words from Our Founder


The year 2022 marks an important milestone for the Brewer Company – 75 years in business as an American manufacturer.

From our humble beginnings as a metal tube fabricator to our place today as a leader in exam table and ergonomic seating manufacturing, we take time to celebrate with and thank all those who have made our story possible. Together, we look forward to a bright future.


Always learning. Always getting better. Always finding a way to give our customers a better solution. From our beginnings as a metal tube fabricator to our current place as an industry leader in dental seating and medical exam room solutions, its always been in our DNA to be better, deliver more and make a difference in our customer’s lives. 

We worked closely with the Marquette University Dental School to study dentistry ergonomics and how better seats can combat painful back, shoulder and neck pain – resulting in the most ergonomically advanced stools ever built. Likewise, we went directly to clinicians to learn exactly what they wanted in an exam table, and then we delivered on it with our Access, Access Power, Assist and FLEX exam tables.

1940s | 1950s


We were the first to bring clinicians pass-through storage drawers, larger steps, low wheelchair accessible heights, and higher weight capacities in exam tables, giving clinics the chance to better serve their patients. These are the features clinicians value most, and with their introductions, other brands have followed us to include many of these innovations, too. 

In the same way, we recognized the cost in pain and quality of life that dental professionals experience every day due to the bending and twisting nature of their jobs. So we pioneered advanced ergonomic seating to give dentists and their teams a better chance to live without pain and still work in the industry they love.

1960s | 1970s


Of all the values, integrity is the most important to us. 

We are focused on doing best for our customers and employees, because we like to put ourselves in their shoes. It’s our foundation and why for decades we’ve built strong, trusting relationships. We value the people we work with and always pride ourselves on being honest, transparent and doing the right thing.

1980s | 1990s


We are always listening to our customers and team members and then evolving and supporting them to make their situation better. It’s why we are always designing new products that make a difference in the lives who use them – from the portable electric scooter of the 1970s that offered mobility to those who could not be to the ergonomic seating and exam tables of today. 

We’ve been able to design these successful products because we always collaborate with the people who use them, so together we can build the best solution.

2000s | 2010s | 2020s

The Evolution of Brewer

Brewer Founded
Brewer Founded

Frank E. Brewer founded the E.F. Brewer Company as the successor to the Ellsworth Pipe & Supply Company. The original products were tubular bar stools sold to restaurant suppliers.

Medical Industry
Enters Healthcare Market

The company introduces its first healthcare products that included a foot stool, hamper and a dispensary cart.  Over the next decade the line would expand to seating,  IV poles,  instrument stands and more.

Product Introduction
Mower Attachment Patented

The company develops and successfully patents a lawn mower attachment that turns any reel type of lawn mower into into a 3-wheeled riding lawn mower.

Medical Industry
First Exam Table

Brewer introduces its portable exam table aimed at women's health, setting the stage for the company's future exam table innovations.

February 1970
Company Growth
Headquarters Expansion

For the 6th time in 22 years, Brewer expands with the inauguration of Plant #2 in Butler, Wis. Fueled by the company's healthcare product line growth, Brewer sees sales double in five years leading up to the expansion.

Early 1970s
Product Introduction
Portable Wheelchair Unveiled

Brewer unveils its PORTASCOOT portable electric wheelchair. Deemed "The Freedom Machine" and available in multiple configurations, the lightweight electric wheelchair collapses to easily transport in a car.

Company Growth
New Headquarters

Experiencing continued growth, Brewer moves to a modern 100,000-square foot manufacturing facility in Menomonee Falls, Wis. 

Company Acquisition
Earth & Ice Augers

Brewer acquires Quality Tool & Manufacturing, Inc., adding new products such as power-driven, hand-held earth and ice augers to its growing product line.

Company Acquisition
Dental Exam Chairs & Stools

Brewer enters dental market after acquiring Del-Tube Corporation and its line of adjustable stools, patient exam chairs and X-Ray chairs.

New Product
Teddy Crib Launched

Brewer introduces the Teddy Crib, a pediatric crib for healthcare facilities built with ergonomic features, state of the art safety and long-lasting durability.

Corporate Name Change
Company Changes Name

The Del-Tube corporate name is merged into E.F. Brewer. At this time, the company changes its corporate name to The Brewer Company.

New Division
Brewer Introduces OEM Division

The Brewer Company strategically focuses on its expertise in complex upholstery and seating design and manufacturing when it launches its contract manufacturing OEM division. Today, that division, named Brewer Design, serves numerous large healthcare, marine and dental customers.

University Partnership
Focus on Ergonomics

Brewer Company partners with the Marquette University Dental School to study ergonomic seating and its benefits to dental professionals. The findings in this breakthrough study are used to build Brewer stools for years to come.

New Product
Popular Dental Stools Unveiled

The ultra-popular 3100 series of dental stools is introduced. Its the first lineup of stools Brewer releases after the Marquette partnership and includes Brewer's 3125 operator stool, still the most popular Brewer stool amongst dentists.

New Product
Ultra-Ergonomic Seating Revealed

Brewer introduces its lineup of 9000 series dental stools, the most ergonomic dental stool on the market. Designed to reduce the chance of musculoskeletal disorders, Brewer follows up the 9000 series with the equally ergonomic 9100, 9200, & 9500 series in later years

Product Introduction
Access Exam Table Unveiled

Brewer introduces the Access Exam Table, it's first modern-day exam table. Featuring pass-through drawers, class-leading storage space and an industry leading 500-pound weight capacity, Access quickly takes market share. It's the first exam table to be released in a series of popular introductions.

Product Introduction
Brewer Introduces Procedure Table

Brewer introduces the Assist Procedure Chair, Brewer's first procedure table ever. The chair enters the market as the most affordable, has the best warranty, and offers the most value. 

Product Introduction
New Award-Winning Power Table

The Access Power Exam Table is introduced at the HIDA Expo and Trade Show in Philadelphia. The true chair-to-table design is the industry's most advanced exam table ever built. Featuring abundant storage, industry leading weight capacities and pass-through drawers, it wins HIDA Product of the Year.

Product Introduction
FLEX Power Table Unveiled

Brewer offers an affordable, feature-rich power exam table to the industry when it unveiled the FLEX. Offering unmatched ergonomic access to the patient and all the advantages of a power table, the FLEX quickly becomes an appealing option over fixed-height exam tables.

Product Introduction
135 Saddle Stools

Brewer makes 135 saddle stools available to dental professionals in North America. Featuring 360 dynamic motion, the advanced saddle stools quickly become the go-to favorite of hygienists.