The year 2022 marks an important milestone for the Brewer Company – 75 years in business as an American manufacturer.

From our humble beginnings as a metal tube fabricator to our place today as a leader in exam table and ergonomic seating manufacturing, we take time to celebrate with and thank all those who have made our story possible. Together, we look forward to a bright future.


Always learning. Always getting better. Always finding a way to give our customers a better solution. From our beginnings as a metal tube fabricator to our current place as an industry leader in dental seating and medical exam room solutions, its always been in our DNA to be better, deliver more and make a difference in our customer’s lives. 

We worked closely with the Marquette University Dental School to study dentistry ergonomics and how better seats can combat painful back, shoulder and neck pain – resulting in the most ergonomically advanced stools ever built. Likewise, we went directly to clinicians to learn exactly what they wanted in an exam table, and then we delivered on it with our Access, Access Power, Assist and FLEX exam tables.

1940s | 1950s

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We were the first to bring clinicians pass-through storage drawers, larger steps, low wheelchair accessible heights, and higher weight capacities in exam tables, giving clinics the chance to better serve their patients. These are the features clinicians value most, and with their introductions, other brands have followed us to include many of these innovations, too. 

In the same way, we recognized the cost in pain and quality of life that dental professionals experience every day due to the bending and twisting nature of their jobs. So we pioneered advanced ergonomic seating to give dentists and their teams a better chance to live without pain and still work in the industry they love.

1960s | 1970s

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Of all the values, integrity is the most important to us. 

We are focused on doing best for our customers and employees, because we like to put ourselves in their shoes. It’s our foundation and why for decades we’ve built strong, trusting relationships. We value the people we work with and always pride ourselves on being honest, transparent and doing the right thing.

1980s | 1990s

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We are always listening to our customers and team members and then evolving and supporting them to make their situation better. It’s why we are always designing new products that make a difference in the lives who use them – from the portable electric scooter of the 1970s that offered mobility to those who could not be to the ergonomic seating and exam tables of today. 

We’ve been able to design these successful products because we always collaborate with the people who use them, so together we can build the best solution.

2000s | 2010s | 2020s

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The Evolution of Brewer

1947 Brewer Founded
1950 Medical Industry
1955 Product Introduction
1965 Medical Industry
February 1970 Company Growth
Early 1970s Product Introduction
1972 Company Growth
1983 Company Acquisition
1984 Company Acquisition
1992 New Product
Mid-1990s Corporate Name Change
1995 New Division
1995 University Partnership
1997 New Product
1998 New Product
2001 Product Introduction
2003 Product Introduction
2005 Product Introduction
2015 Product Introduction
2018 Product Introduction