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We work with manufacturers in a variety of industries. If you have an upholstery or soft good need, we are confident we can help you. We especially excel in the following industries:


We are FDA-registered and have extensive experience collaborating with some of the most recognized medical manufacturers in the world. Our team can help you navigate the ever-changing regulatory requirements. Plus, our rigorous commitment to quality and traceability will give you peace of mind during FDA audits.

You can find Brewer Design components in familiar products within hospitals, clinics and out in the field. We design components for numerous types of medical products including:

  • Bed & Stretcher Support Systems
  • Surgical Table Padding & Accessories
  • Pressure Management Systems
  • Low Air Loss Systems
  • Diagnostic Equipment Padding
  • Caregiver Stools & Seating
  • Clinic Furniture

Marine & Mass Transportation

We manufacture upholstery seating for marine and mass transportation applications – from luxury helm seating to public transportation. We will design and manufacture your seating needs to your exact standard in a variety of materials, shapes, and styles. Whether you have an existing design created, or need help creating one, we can help you cost-effectively produce your seating with excellent quality.  Examples of marine and mass transit seating we have produced include:

  • Luxury helm seating
  • Passenger ferry seating

Read about the passenger seating we built for the Lake Express, a passenger ferry that crosses Lake Michigan 12,000 times a year.


We have decades of experience designing and producing upholstered components for dental products for manufacturers throughout the United States. Our extensive knowledge is available to you throughout the process to help you make the best decisions regarding your upholstered dental product. We work with a variety of materials, have numerous capabilities at our disposal and have a skilled team ready to efficiently move your component from production to completion. Examples of product components Brewer Design can produce are:

  • Dental examination chair upholstery
  • Dental stools for dentists, hygienists, and assistants


We can answer your upholstered seating needs for your optical exam room product, whether it is the patient chair or the doctor’s stool. Examples of optical seating components we have built for manufacturers include:

  • Optometry exam chairs
  • Doctor stools

Tell us how we can help you with your upholstered component or soft good.

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