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Dental Seating Solutions

Whether you are a dentist, hygienist or assistant in need of quality seating – we can help!

Musculoskeletal Disorders have been documented to affect more than 80% of all dental professionals and are known to shorten careers and erode a practice’s bottom line. Prolonged sitting in poorly designed stools will result in muscular fatigue and can contribute to MSDs pain and injuries. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to design the most ergonomically advanced dental seats in the industry.

Designed to Make a Difference​

Working in conjunction with Marquette University in Milwaukee, Brewer has analyzed working conditions in the dental operatory. Through extensive testing and observation, we have pin pointed the proper seating mechanics needed to more effectively meet the strenuous demands of dental professionals.

Proper Posture​

The risk of injuries involving the back, neck and shoulders can be greatly reduced by working in Neutral Posture – a balanced, upright position with your weight evenly distributed. In addition, appendages are neither moved away from the body’s midline, nor laterally turned or twisted. Our ergonomic seating helps you achieve neutral posture.

Advanced Features​

We have introduced numerous features to the market, and many remain exclusives to this day. One thing they all have in common is our commitment to provide you with the ultimate dental seating experience to keep you more comfortable and productive all day, every day.

Dual Dynamic Motion Technology

Brewer is the first in the industry to incorporate Dynamic Motion Technology into both the seat and backrest. Now, you get two ways to engage your core as you work to promote back health.

Patented, Dynamic Saddle Technology

This Brewer exclusive combines a saddle seat design that naturally supports neutral posture with full 360° tilt to help strengthen your core as you work.

Seat Tilt & Lumbar Support

Helps maintain the ideal low-back curve, decrease disc pressure, enable closer positioning to the patient with less muscle strain and may help reduce low-back pain.

Unmatched Pressure Management & Comfort

HybriGel™ Foam is a Brewer exclusive in the industry. This gel-infused memory foam supports the body for superior pressure relief, while its open cell structure dramatically increases airflow for greater cooling comfort.

Choosing the Right Seat for You​

9000 Stools

Traditional Style Seating

For those who appreciate the traditional dental seat. Brewer offers models with 360 Dynamic Motion technology, continuous, synchronized seat & lumbar support, independent lumbar support tilt for greater range of motion. Plus, HybriGel Foam for unmatched pressure management & cooling comfort.

2 stools

Saddle Stools

Saddle stools are increasingly becoming the preferred seat for hygienists and dentists throughout North America. Our 135AS and 135JS saddle stools offer 360 Dynamic Motion technology for unmatched freedom of movement. Plus, pelvic tilt and a choice of cylinder heights.

See Our Full Lineup of Dental Seating​

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