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Dental Professionals

We understand your work is one of the most physically demanding jobs on the planet. Forced to work in awkward positions repetitively, you probably have felt neck, shoulder or back pain at one point in your career – maybe even today. As the pioneer in ergonomic dental seating, we’ve spent decades developing stools that help improve posture, strengthen core muscles and reduce muscle strain. All with the hope that you can have more energy, a better quality of life, a longer career, happier employees and reduced workman’s comp costs.

4 out of 5 dental professionals report MSD pain symptoms.

Recent studies in Italy, Germany and the U.S. found at least 84 percent of dental professionals felt MSD pain in the past 12 months.

Help prevent profit-robbing back pain.

Your production is only as good as your wellbeing and that of each member of your team. That’s why Brewer continues to lead the fight against musculoskeletal disorders with the most innovative seating solutions available for you and your team. 

There are countless dental stools in the market to choose from, and many times it is easiest to choose the least expensive option. But  small savings in equipment purchases can quickly cost your clinic many times more in workman’s comp, lost productivity and a shortened career. We are the original ergonomic dental seating manufacturer. Working in conjunction with Marquette University in Milwaukee, Brewer has analyzed working conditions in the dental operatory and we have pin pointed the proper seating mechanics needed to more effectively meet the strenuous demands of dental professionals. Brewer has your back when it comes to fighting against chronic pain:

Dual Dynamic Motion Technology

Brewer is the first in the industry to incorporate Dynamic Motion Technology into both the seat and backrest. Now, you get two ways to engage your core as you work to promote back health.

Patented, Dynamic Saddle Technology

This Brewer USA exclusive combines a saddle seat design that naturally supports neutral posture with full 360° tilt to help strengthen your core as you work.k to promote back health.

Independent Seat Tilt
& Lumbar Support

Helps maintain the ideal low-back curve, decrease disc pressure*, enable closer positioning to the patient with less muscle strain. These features may also help reduce low-back pain.

Unmatched Pressure Management & Comfort

Brewer-exclusive HybriGel™ gel-infused memory foam supports the body for superior pressure relief, while its open cell structure dramatically increases airflow for greater cooling comfort.

Picture of Greg Grillo, DDS

Greg Grillo, DDS

Senior Partner - Grillo Robeck Dental

Why selecting the right stool is so essential to you and your team

Dr. Greg Grillo, senior partner at Grillo Robeck Dental in Omak, Washington,  explains why choosing the right ergonomically designed dental stool could be more important to your practice than you think.  

Explore our dental stool series

Find your perfect stool from Brewer. Each series, with the exception of our saddles, offer models for dentists, hygienists and assistants. 

135JS Saddle Series

A standard-size saddle with exclusive 360 degree dynamic motion technology, adjustability and UltraLeather upholstery

135AS Saddle Series

A narrow-size saddle with exclusive 360 degree dynamic motion technology, adjustability and UltraLeather upholstery make it extremely popular with hygienists.

9500 Series

The evolution of ergonomic comfort continues with exclusive dynamic motion technology, low-profile wraparound lumbar support, backrest tilt and superior adjustability 

9200 Series

Combines the benefits of neutral-posture design and exclusive, pressure-reducing HybriGel™ Foam – all in a standard size seat and smaller backrest.

9100 Series

With its sleek footprint and advanced ergonomic design, it’s no wonder why the 9100 series is our most popular ergonomic stool line. 

9000 Series

The original advanced ergonomic dental stool featuring exceptional comfort and superior ergonomic features.

3300 Series

A combination of ergonomics, comfort, durability and affordability make this choice a great value.

3100 Series

Premium comfort and a modern look at an affordable price make this series one of our most popular.

2000 Series

Our 2000 series dental stools offer classic styling at an economical price.

11001 Series

Our pneumatic stools feature a contemporary design and stylish comfort.

Your guide to choosing your perfect stool

From seat to backrest to material and beyond – we offer you some perspective of what might make the best stool for your needs.

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