Ergonomics directly impact your economics.

While many aspects play a role in the success of a practice, the bottom line is that a dental office’s production is only as good as the health and wellbeing of the team.  With 85% of dental professionals complaining of back pain, and 29% finding it necessary to retire earlier than planned due to permanent injuries sustained at work, health is a major concern for today’s dentists. Prevention of work-related injuries is critical to the longevity of their practice and the success of their business.

81% of all dental professionals suffer from musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) with nearly one third of all premature retirements being directly related. It has been found that MSDs impact every facet of production.  Back injuries in the workplace account for 14 billion in worker compensation claims and 100 million lost work days annually.  If you are not actively addressing MSDs, here is what they might be costing you each day:

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This is why Brewer continues to lead the fight against profit robbing musculoskeletal disorders with the most innovative seating solutions available on the market today.  Brewer’s 3300 series is a better approach to back-saving comfort, 9100/9200 series incorporates the best technology the industry has to offer, and 135DSS series meets a specialized need with a patented breakthrough. See what benefits each of these stools can offer you today (Link to product page of each stool).

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Discover how Brewer can help you optimize your production. Contact your local authorized Brewer Dealer or Brewer rep today.

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