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Healthcare Purchasing Professionals

The purchase of exam tables is an important investment for your system. We understand you are measured on quality and reducing costs for your organization. You want to purchase the best product available, but you are also driven to save your system money on purchases. Brewer offers you the unique opportunity to do both – choose a solution your clinical team will love, while also saving your organization money.

Big Savings

Health Systems regularly save up to 30% by choosing Brewer over a comparable table from another brand.

More Value

More standard clinical differentiators your clinical team will love. The result: increased efficiency and job satisfaction.

Peace of Mind

Brewer offers the longest warranties in the industry - giving your health system peace of mind for years to come.

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Problem Solved: By Switching to Brewer, IDN Saves $100,000

Learn how one West Coast health system was able to save $100,000 on their first exam table order by switching to Brewer for its clinic’s power exam tables and procedure tables.

Three Steps to Ensure Success

You have a key role with demanding responsibilities and this is an important investment for your health system. For a decision this significant, we recommend the following strategy to ensure success:

1: On-site table evaluation

Compare table offerings from each brand through an on-site evaluation so all stakeholders – from your clinical team to biomeds – can assess and give you feedback.

2: Get a second quote

Always get a second quote – for both Brewer and anyone else you are considering. You want to make sure you are getting the most competitive price for your system.

3: Review proposals for accuracy

Review the pricing proposals you receive with your Brewer advisor. This will ensure you are receiving an accurate quote for the specific solutions you need.

Lower Cost of Ownership. More Value to Your Team.

When compared to other brands, you will find Brewer exam tables win in total cost of ownership, lower investment costs, standard features, storage capacity, warranty and safety features. 

Your Brewer Solutions Advisor is your partner from the start to ensure you receive the best product for your specific needs at the best cost. Brewer Solutions Advisors can provide you a budgetary quote, assist you in finding the best pricing, help you navigate purchasing with distribution, schedule an on-site evaluation for your team and be your liaison with your clinical, biomed and financial stakeholders. 

Tools your advisor has available to assist you:

Read our Clinical Educational Guide

Our Make More Informed Decisions Clinical Educational Guide is designed to give you the info you need to benefit your patients and practice.