Medical Exam Room & Office Products from Brewer Company

Brewer understands today’s healthcare reality presents challenges to your clinical, financial and operational success. That’s why we work closely with medical professionals to develop advanced medical room solutions with a focus on patient safety and more. Our belief is that the exam room should feel safe, welcoming and comfortable. That’s why we set out to design exam room furnishings that are visually appealing, inclusive and loaded with value.

  • Visually Stunning: Premium, high quality upholstery offers a luxurious look that conforms to any modern facility.
  • Inclusive: ADA-compliant heights for safe wheelchair transfers and industry-leading weight capacities allow providers to confidently accommodate more patients.
  • Preserve Patient Dignity: Those same features will give bariatric patients & patients living with mobility challenges confidence and assurance.
  • Real value: Industry leading warranties & more standard features included at a comparable price lowers the total cost of ownership significantly.