The FLEX Access Exam Table enables practices to step-up to powered performance for less than the price of a standard, fixed-height box table.

MENOMONEE FALLS, WI – The Brewer Company, a Wisconsin-based medical equipment provider, is pleased to
announce the introduction of the FLEX Access Exam Table to its award winning line of powered exam tables.
FLEX delivers unprecedented flexibility in an extremely affordable package. It’s been designed specifically to put
the performance advantages of powered exam tables within easy economic reach, so now any practice can afford
to handle patients more safely and efficiently, see a broader range of patients, and perform a wider range of

Exclusive advantages compared to competitive offerings

“Due to the unique design of our lift mechanism, FLEX offers physicians unmatched ergonomic access to the
patient,” notes David Bussa, Executive Vice President – Marketing & Sales. “This helps physicians perform exams
efficiently while maintaining better posture, which equates to reduced muscle strain and enhanced productivity
throughout the day.” FLEX also features an industry-leading 700-lb. weight capacity and its 18” low height
achieves ADA compliance, enabling practices to see a broader range of patients than would be possible with other

In addition, all FLEX models deliver value-added features standard that practices simply won’t find elsewhere.
FLEX is equipped with easy-to-clean seamless upholstery in a wide variety of color choices. The robust, simple-touse
SafeGlide™ leg extension enhances patient and staff safety. Yet, FLEX’s compact footprint still provides
plenty of storage space, holding up to six 18” rolls of paper or other frequently needed supplies to help drive
clinical efficiency.

Easily adapt FLEX to suit your practice with a wide range of options

Need something more than the base 5700 Series unit with manual backrest? Step up to the convenience of a
powered backrest with the 5800 Series. Include patient safety grab bars for enhanced stability during transfers.
Increase clinical efficiency with a convenient pass through clinical work surface so instruments, supplies and
laptops or tablets can be close at hand. Even add stirrups, pelvic tilt and a drawer heater for specialties such as
OB/GYN or urology.

Power exam table performance at a surprisingly affordable price

Unlike traditional, fixed-height exam tables, power exam tables can qualify for significant tax credits, including the
Section 44 Disabled Access Tax Credit and, for many practices, the Section 179 Deduction for Certain Capital

Expenditures. “By the time you factor in these substantial tax credits, the cost of a FLEX Access Exam Table to the
end user can end up being less than the price they would expect to pay for a basic, fixed-height exam table,” says
“Brewer is known for thinking beyond the box,” concludes Bussa. “With FLEX, we’ve taken that a step further… so
any practice can afford to think beyond the limitations of fixed-height box tables.”



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