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Brewer Revolutionizes Exam Tables with Next-Generation Flex™ PLUS and Access® PLUS High-Low Exam Tables

The Brewer Company, a pioneer in clinical care equipment, is proud to introduce the next generation of its high-low power exam table families, FLEX Plus and Access PLUS. These updated models retain all the trusted features of their predecessors and introduce significant enhancements, including the innovative EasyGlide™ Mobility System which offers one-touch, whisper-quiet operation. This groundbreaking feature sets the new standard in medical equipment mobility, distinguishing it from other industry offerings by ensuring minimal disruption and maximizing convenience in any clinical environment.

The EasyGlide Mobility System is essential for any clinic, offering smooth, quiet mobility that facilitates quick exam room reconfiguration and comprehensive cleaning with just a simple turn of a dial. This feature enhances clinical workflow and upholds high standards of hygiene, enabling healthcare providers to adjust room setups quickly and efficiently.

Alongside the EasyGlide system, the FLEX PLUS and Access PLUS High-Low exam tables feature ComfortGrip™ patient assist handles with ADA-compliant grip surfaces, and a new, modern cabinet color that is soothing to patients, making these exam tables not only fully featured but perfectly enhanced.

“These enhancements represent our commitment to advancing patient care through continuous innovation,” said David Bussa, President at the Brewer Company. “By integrating state-of-the-art and best in class features such as the EasyGlide Mobility System and thoughtfully constructed patient assist handles, we are not only improving the functionality and efficiency of our exam tables but also ensuring that they meet the diverse needs of today’s healthcare environments. Our focus remains on providing healthcare professionals with the tools they need to deliver exceptional care, seamlessly and safely.”

In addition to the updated cabinet color, Brewer is also introducing a new line of standard upholstery colors. 15 colors were chosen to compliment the modern aesthetics of today’s clinics.

The Access PLUS High-Low model showcases Brewer’s signature Storage Hub with patented pass-through side drawers and a flip-top rear compartment, ensuring clinicians have unmatched space for supplies and materials to keep everything needed at the ready. Additionally, it includes Ergonomic Stirrups for patient comfort, premium PolyCloud Contour Upholstery for durability and easy cleaning, and a Mayo Pass-Through Work Surface that enhances clinical workflow.

The FLEX PLUS High-Low model continues to offer a step up for clinics transitioning from fixed-height exam tables to power exam tables without a significant increase in cost. The FLEX includes all the great features of the current generation, such as adjustable height settings, superior patient accessibility, and customizable options, now enhanced with additional options that improve mobility, patient safety, and the overall aesthetic of the medical environment.

Both tables meet ADA Access Board height recommendation of 18 inches and are available with a powered seat and either a powered or manual backrest, making them perfectly suited for any practice treating patients with mobility challenges. This design not only improves accessibility but also enhances the overall care experience through its innovative features.

The Access PLUS and FLEX PLUS are available immediately and offer a range of options to accommodate various medical specialties, including OB/GYN, urology, and general practice.

The Brewer Company takes pride in its strong American roots, with all products, including the FLEX PLUS and Access PLUS High-Low Power Exam Tables, manufactured at its headquarters in Wisconsin. Committed to supporting local economies and ensuring high-quality craftsmanship, Brewer sources the vast majority of its materials from within the Midwest region, near its Wisconsin facility. This dedication not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures that Brewer meets its high standards for quality and sustainability in every product it creates.

For more information about the next-generation Access PLUS and FLEX PLUS High-Low Power Exam Tables, please visit or contact Brewer Company directly at 1.888.273.9371.

Explore Access PLUS & FLEX PLUS

The Next-Generation Exam Tables for Any Modern Clinic

EasyGlide Mobility

EasyGlide™ Mobility System offers one-touch, whisper-quiet operation for room reconfiguration & cleaning.

ComfortGrip Handles

ComfortGrip™ patient assist handles featuring ADA-compliant grip surfaces.

ADA-Compliant Height

Lowers to an ADA-compliant 18 inches to simplify wheelchair transfers.

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