Brewer Announces New HybriGel Foam for Ergonomic Dental Seating

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 Brewer Announces New HybriGel™ Foam for Ergonomic Dental Seating

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wisconsin (September 7, 2012)

The Brewer Company, LLC has been awarded the exclusive rights to a new gel foam technology for use in the healthcare furnishings market. Brewer is proud to announce that HybriGel™ will first be used on their Ergonomic Dental seating line (all doctor, hygienist, and assistant models).

HybriGel features a patented manufacturing process that allows the gel to be directly infused into the foam. The benefits of HybriGel include:

Advanced Pressure Management

HybriGel works to support the body for superior pressure relief and alignment. The gel in HybriGel gathers in the areas that need extra support.

Cooling Comfort

While other memory foams can trap heat against the body, HybriGel is uniquely designed using an open cell structure to dramatically increase airflow and keep surface temperatures cool.

“HybriGel addresses key concerns of dental professionals”, said Paul Siepmann, President and CEO of The Brewer Company. “Dentists, hygienists, and assistants spend countless hours sitting in awkward positions. HybriGel enhances the pressure dissipation and cooling support of both the seats and the contoured body supports on our innovative, Ergonomic Dental seating line. Never before has a dental assistant’s body support offered this kind of comfort.” “HybriGel is an excellent addition to our already progressive Ergonomic Dental seating line. Doctors, hygienists, and assistants will benefit from this new gel foam technology.”

Brewer’s HybriGel is available on all models of the Ergonomic Dental seating line, including the revolutionary Brewer DynaCore™, the only dental operator’s stool that provides 360° of balanced, dynamic movement.

To experience HybriGel first hand visit Brewer at the upcoming ADA (American Dental Association) Annual Session, October 18 – 21, 2012 in San Francisco and the GNYDM (Greater New York Dental Meeting, November 23 – 28, 2012 in New York City.

About The Brewer Company:

The Brewer Company, a progressive manufacturer of dental and medical equipment for over sixty years, is known for creating safe and innovative clinical furnishing solutions. Brewer’s commitment to increasing the safety of both patients and clinicians has led to many great product developments including the Brewer DynaCore™ Operators Stool and the new Brewer LiftMate™ Low/High Patient Lift. All Brewer products, designed using a proprietary clinical research and development process, deliver patient comfort, safety, and efficient office workflow.

For more information call 1.888.Brewer.1 or visit


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