Medical Support Products

Distribution partners and medical providers in need of medical support equipment, including IV poles, kick buckets and overbed tables, can contact us directly to quickly get you the products you need. We have all support products in stock and ready to ship.

IV Poles

The Brewer Company offers five types of IV poles, depending upon your clinic requirements and budget. All Brewer products conform to US and Canadian electrical and medical industry codes and regulations and meet or exceed industry requirements.

Overbed Tables

Brewer offers a variety of basic overbed tables that incorporate a unique, one handed height adjustment feature.

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Kick Buckets

Brewer’s stainless steel kick bucket is an affordable option that will stand the test of time.

Trash Bins

Brewer Waste Cans are available in stainless steel, red, white or beige in a variety of sizes.

Infusion Pump Stands

The Brewer Company offers both large and small infusion pump stands that are sturdy and durable.

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