While some imaging suites feature power radiology tables, the majority still use conventional fixed-height radiology tables or require a different solution altogether.  Yet you still want to maximize imaging throughput without compromising the safety of patients and staff.  With Brewer Company’s LiftMate you can conveniently optimize imaging department ROI. LiftMate is able to accommodate patients that are limited mobility, ill, to bariatric cases.  Because most facilities only have power radiology tables in some of their rooms, challenging patients can create bottle necks and decrease throughput.


Safely & efficiently handle challenging patients

– Quickly and effortlessly get patients up onto and off of X-Ray tables and

fluoroscopy tables.

– Floor-level access and handrails on each side help assure confident

patient transitions, while minimizing the risk of patient injury due to falls.

– Push-button activation minimizes technician interaction – helping prevent

nagging, lifting-related injuries that can lead to missed days of work or

costly worker compensation claims.


Push-button activation                      Liftmate Image two



Quickly position patients for weight-bearing X-Rays

– No cumbersome steps or stools for challenging patients to have

to negotiate.

– Sturdy platform with handrails on both sides enhances patient safety

and confidence.

– Convenient way to safely get foot, ankle and knee X-Rays.


Handrails on both sides               Liftmate Image one



Fortunately, LiftMate is a versatile breakthrough specially designed to address your patient handling challenges. To learn more, visit our LiftMate product page or contact Brewer today.