Better ergonomics. Smarter economics.

Data shows that chronic back pain and fatigue can hurt productivity and even cut careers short. Brewer Company offers the most advanced ergonomic dental stools in the industry to improve posture and comfort in order to help make every member of your team as productive as possible

Innovative, active-seating-design solutions improve comfort.

  • Dynamic rotation clinically proven to increase back and core muscle strength while you work.
  • Promotes endurance and circulation, keeping you fresher and more productive.
  • Incorporated in 135DSS Dynamic Split Saddle,  135AS Saddle and 135 JS Saddle seating designs.

Neutral-posture designs of your dental stool helps minimize fatigue.

  • Backrest lumbar support centers in the natural lumbar curve for maximum back support.
  • Seat incline of 10-15° helps keep body properly aligned.
  • Backrests ergonomically designed to allow shoulder blade clearance for easier range of movement.

Industry-exclusive use of HybriGel™ Foam.

  • Offers superior weight distribution for greater user comfort.
  • Available in seat and body supports.

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