Amazone & Jumper Saddle Stools




Find out if this popular saddle stool is right for you.

Saddle Stools
Featuring 360° Dynamic Motion

Our exclusive 360° Dynamic Motion technology on these saddle stools allow the freedom of movement that helps engage your core muscles. The adjustable design enables you to limit the range of motion initially. Then, gradually increase the range of motion over time to continue strengthening core muscles, which supports enhanced comfort, daily productivity and career longevity.

Ultimate Comfort

Featuring a comfy ultra-cushioned seat in your choice of three Ultraleather upholstery. Plus, the ergonomically shaped saddle tilts the pelvis naturally to improve spinal posture and enhance long-term comfort 

Personalized Fit

Two seat sizes – the narrower Amazone and wider Jumper – and a choice of seating height ranges assure a comfortable personalized fit for virtually any dental professional.

Plus, all the Benefits of Saddle Seating

Sitting in a saddle stool causes the vertebrae discs to align naturally, resulting in immediate improved posture with less spinal muscle degeneration.

Sitting in a saddle stool can reduce tension in the shoulder and neck area due to the improved positioning of the thoracic and cervical spine.

Stretching the torso provides the opportunity for better circulation, resulting in less fatigue.

Saddle stools can create efficiencies in patient care by scooting around the operatory while remaining seated.

Testimonials & Reviews

"I’m able to get close enough to the patient so that I don’t have to raise my arms or shoulders, or compromise my posture during treatment. I wish I would have transitioned to a stool earlier in my career. I now view it as a necessity instead of a luxury."
"I feel The Brewer Company hit the nail on the head with these saddle stools, especially with the 360° dynamic motion. As stated earlier, the 360° dynamic motion of the Brewer Score saddle stools are a game changer in ergonomic seating."
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