For Immediate Release 


New Brewer LiftMateTM Designed to Reduce Patient

Falls and Assist Mobility-Challenged Patients

Innovative Low/High Patient Lift meets growing need

for affordable Safe Patient Handling solutions

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis.-The Brewer Company, a Wisconsin-based medical equipment and furnishings provider, has announced the arrival of Brewer LiftMate -a Low/High Patient Lift. The first product of its kind, the Brewer LiftMate is designed to reduce the injury risk associated with patients getting onto and off of standard exam tables, beds or any type of elevated procedural surface. The product will be released in late spring 2012.

Until Brewer LiftMate, clinicians had to choose between power tables-often a major, expensive purchase-or having the clinical staff manually assist patients.

“Manually assisting patients can lead to big problems, particularly accidental patient falls and back injuries amongst the clinical team,” said the Vice President of Global Medical Sales and Strategy. “When you compound that with a continuing rise in the number of obese and elderly patients entering our healthcare system -patient groups that commonly experience mobility challenges-providing safe access to care for the patient and clinical team becomes more challenging.”

Another growing issue facing healthcare providers is the rate of accidental patient falls. More than 89% of patient falls occur in the patient’s hospital room or exam/treatment rooms. Many of these falls happen when a patient tries to climb up or down from a bed or other procedural surface without help. These occurrences are largely preventable with the proper equipment.

“There’s a huge need in the medical community for flexible Safe Patient Handling solutions. That’s why we invented the Brewer LiftMate. It’s a simple platform device that works with any standard exam table, bed or procedural surface. The patient steps onto the platform and is raised to a comfortable seating height, thereby eliminating the need for manual lifting and reducing the risk of patient falls. Since the device can be rolled from room to room, it’s a smart, cost-effective solution when compared to purchasing power exam tables for every room. The Brewer LiftMate achieves our top priority-improving safety -while providing our healthcare customers an affordable way to re-invest in tables they already have.”

About The Brewer Company

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